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Self Catering Dundee - Business Accommodation!

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Apartments ready for Business Venues

Urban Quarters, Thomson Apartment and Baxter Apartment are available for DAYTIME reservations to be used as SEMINAR VENUES for small groups where an informal setting would be conducive to maximizing time together in a "off site" meeting environment.

Thomson Apartment can accommodate groups of up to 10 people seated around a table, Baxter is a smaller venue suitable for 4 - 6 people.

Available amenities for Business meetings

Both apartments have flat screen TVs & soundbars with bluetooth, WiFi & USB connectivity for presentation purposes.

Urbanquarters will provide coffee, tea, water etc and can offer catering on request.

Clients may make arrangements for their own Outside Catering if preferred.

Check availability and book Apartments for Business Venue

We have the very best City Center Business Accommodation in Dundee available. 

For more detailed information and to check availability, please contact: info@urbanquarters.co.uk or telephone 07876 450961