Why so many travellers are turning to service apartments.

Imagine the feeling of turning up to a hotel to check in to your basic room only to find you’ve been upgraded to a luxury suite. This is what a stay in a serviced apartment can offer you; space, comfort and flexibility for the same price as a basic hotel room. 

By Betty Henderson


Previously only viewed as a medium to long term option, this type of accommodation has been growing in popularity over the last few years, especially in the business sector. These days more and more business travellers are opting for the “home-from-home” feel of a serviced apartment where you can expect to find a lot of the comforts of a hotel but with even more space. At Urban Quarters, like most serviced apartments you will find a well-equipped kitchen, a separate living space, bathroom and multiple bedrooms. For the business traveller it means no more adhering to set breakfast hours or being turfed out of your room at an inconvenient time for the housekeeping service, you are free enjoy your tea and toast in your pyjamas then spread out and work from the comfort of your own little haven. For the companies sending their employees on these trips it means value-for-money accommodation and savings on travel expenses. 


But business travellers are not the only people making the most of this style of accommodation, a serviced apartment is a great choice for a family with young children. Unlike a traditional hotel where parents might have to consider a babysitting service just to enjoy a meal in the downstairs restaurant, a serviced apartment with a separate living/dining area gives the freedom for parents to relax without extra costs or stress. For those wishing to entertain guests or have an evening in, the additional space makes for a far more comfortable experience than squeezing around a hotel bed and sharing drinks from the mini-bar. 


This explosion of interest in serviced apartments over traditional hotels could also be owed in a large part to the recent global phenomenon of Airbnb. When it arrived on the scene, Airbnb offered a service like no other, short term apartment rentals with a personal touch. It changed the way people viewed travelling and opened the market wide for alternative styles of accommodation. For many who like the personal aspect of Airbnb but are held back by the lack of formal quality control or regulations, a serviced apartment is the ideal choice. Rather than with Airbnb where quality, cleanliness and service varies drastically from place to place, in a serviced apartment you can expect a little more consistency. For apartments such as Urban Quarters, Airbnb’s popularity has only been a good thing. Accommodation providers have taken notice of its extreme popularity and have taken steps to better understand their customers needs and desires. At Urban Quarters, we try to think of what our customers might want, even before they do. With a fully equipped kitchen, you won’t be left stuck without a pan or a corkscrew midway through prepping a meal, and we love to think of fun little extras such as sleep packs to help you wind down, popcorn makers and colourful record players with a small selection of vinyls. 


Travellers needs and expectations may be constantly evolving but they will always need a place to rest their feet. It looks like serviced apartments are here to stay.







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