Introducing our “Live Like a Local” at Urban Quarters, blog series.

Having made sure that our apartments are fully equipped with all the comforts of home (and many more to boot), next we want to provide our guests with all the material they need to experience what its like to “live” in Dundee - even for just one night.

So instead of providing “Tourist Information” (boring…) we want to offer our guests, “Local Knowledge”, and what better way to do this than by asking the locals for the "word on the pavey". (Dundee speak for latest local news).

To do just that, we are inviting our local friends who have stayed at Urban Quarters, to design their perfect day in and around Dundee. We have selected our bloggers carefully to show the diversity of choice that our city and its surroundings has to offer. We truly believe that there is something for everyone.

To kick off the “Live Like a Local” series we have invited proud Dundonian and owner of NJD Studios - Andy Rice to tell us what he loves about his home town.


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